Letter: National debt a disgrace to the Greatest Generation

My parents grew up during the Great Depression and were WWII veterans.      They were part of “The Greatest Generation.”      “The Greatest Generation” by the grace of God, dedicated their very being to ensure our nation, our communities, and our families were safe, secure, and financially responsible.  My parents […]


Letter: Obama did more than ‘nothing’

It’s important to understand that our weak economy is the direct result of Obama Administration policies.  It’s true that President Obama took office as a deep recession was coming to an end.  But historically a deep recession is followed by a strong recovery.  The Obama Administration understood this and they […]


LETTER: Romney’s trapeze act is enough to give you whiplash

Mitt Romney’s campaign reminds me of watching a trapeze act at the circus.       All his flying turns and twists in mid- air, swinging wildly from one trapeze bar to another with breathtaking speed; it really is quite entertaining.       First he swings to the left and supports a woman’s […]


LETTER: Obama spent the entire debate floundering

Governor Romney overwhelmingly won last week’s debate. He presented a clear choice: a real recovery or four more years of Obama’s failed policies.       With no successes to present, Obama spent the entire debate floundering.  He proposed nothing to help middle class Americans.       The governor’s experience as an executive […]


Young killers appear to lack moral compass

By Mike Nichols Columnist The first question Joe DeCecco asked police after finding out the killers who buried a hatchet in the skull of a 78-year-old woman were allegedly two 13-year-olds, including her great-grandson, was a simple and incredulous one:       “Did these kids grow up here?” asked the veteran […]


Legistlative update: Hunting rules change with the times

Legistlative update: Hunting rules change with the times

By Neal Kedzie Contributor       Wisconsin is known for its proud hunting heritage, and the sportsmen and women who participate in the many outdoor opportunities are dedicated to the sport they enjoy. Many have a long lineage of family hunting, passing the tradition on from one generation to the next, […]


LETTER: Obama is gutting welfare

Robert Rector is a senior research fellow who worked closely with Congress to draft the work requirements in the 1996 welfare reform law.       The 1996 law required that a portion of able-bodied adults getting welfare work or prepare for work. Obama issued a bureaucratic order allowing states to waive […]


Morning after pill may not be what you think

By Mike Nichols Contributor It’s the political season and there’s a lot of talk here in Wisconsin of late about the most polarizing and controversial of subjects, abortion.       But very little real discussion of when it happens. The answer: much less frequently – in a couple ways – than […]


LETTER: A travesty of justice

I write to you about a travesty of justice. And I speak about this poor woman who fell asleep after working the night shift to support her children and was then sentenced to a year in jail for neglect, while at the same time a few miles away, so-called doctors […]


County’s recent loss underscores dangers highway workers face daily

By Dave Bretl Contributor I was just about to complain about the heat this summer when our annual road salt contract crossed my desk.       Between county government and municipalities that obtain their salt through the county’s contract, the order was about $1.2 million.       Our record-setting heat has kept […]