Roads reopen after flooding

As temperatures have risen in the area this week, the water and ice from recent heavy rain and freezing rain has subsided. Jefferson, Waukesha and Walworth counties have dealt with flooded areas since last week’s heavy rain, like near the intersection at 4th and 6th streets in Palmyra. After the heavy rain, water built up on the roadway turned to ice, and the road was closed until earlier this week. (Ryan Spoehr photo)

By Ryan Spoehr
As temperatures rose into the 50s and in some areas 60s earlier this week, some of the floodwaters that covered area streets and roads started to recede.
Heavy rain pounded Jefferson, Waukesha and Walworth counties early last week and then turned to ice the next day with temperatures falling back below freezing.
Among the closures was Fourth Street in Palmyra between Sixth and West streets. It was closed last Tuesday. A foot-and-a-half of water piled up in front of the Palmyra Cemetery and froze into a big chunk of ice on the roadway.
Palmyra Public Works Director Jeff Gwaltney opened the roadway back up this past Tuesday.
Gwaltney said he expected that no more water would remain on Fourth Street between Sixth and West by the end of the week.
“Who knows what we’ll have for damage. Hopefully there won’t be much, if anything,” Gwaltney said.
For more coverage on area roads, pick up the March 2 edition of The Enterprise of Palmyra and Eagle.

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