Welcome aboard!

Whitewater Unified School District recently welcomed new staff members, from the left: (front row) Morgan Huntley, MS science; Colleen Coleman-Jayne, HS science; William Breitsprecher, MS digital life skills; Nicole Meier, advanced learner; Bethany Worth, HS English learner; (second row) Melissa Rinn, Lakeview fifth grade; Samantha Kessler, Lakeview special education; Yvonne Fanshaw, eighth grade English; Sidney Rettinger, Washington fifth grade; Thomas Ashmus, MS special education; Deanna Dragan, Lincoln English learner; (back) Natalie Sterling, Lincoln English learner; Danielle Dillon, Lincoln fourth grade; Jacquie Sedmak, Lincoln fourth grade; Marisa Skipper, MS health/Lakeview physical education; Jennifer Fried, Washington kindergarten; Melissa Nelson, Lincoln speech. New staff not pictured: Betsy Wier-Ransavage, MS behavioral interventionist; Daniel Martinez, elementary English learner; Molly Fuller, family and community engagement coordinator. (Tom Ganser photo)

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