Keep the water running

Warmer weather will drive frost levels deeper; increase risk of pipes freezing

Early last week the City of Whitewater issued a notice that a stream of water the outside diameter of a pencil be left running constantly until further notice. That notice not only remains in effect, it has reached a new level of concern.

“We have found frost levels six feet deep and more which is typically the depth of a water service,” Rick Lien, Water Superintendent said, explaining that if people do not keep the water running in their homes, it will freeze up. Businesses that typically use a limited amount of water are also advised to heed the warning.

“With warmer weather coming you still must keep your water running 24 hours a day, seven days a week until further notice (because) frost levels will dive even deeper as the outside temperature rises,” Lien explained.

For those that live in a duplex, apartment or condominium, only one unit in the building needs to keep a stream of water running. While this order is being issued to all municipal water customers, Lien said it’s even more critical for those that live on a dead end street or in a cul-de-sac.

Lien advises those who will be out of town for the weekend or on a vacation still need to keep the flow going, and should ask a neighbor to check on the house periodically.

“If you do not run your water and your water service freezes up it could be a long time before we can get to it as well as being very expensive to the homeowner to thaw, regardless of where the service freezes,” Lien said.

Customers are asked to call the city’s water billing office at (262) 473-1383 and inform them that water is being run at your home or place of business so that a credit can be issued for the running water.

The order to run water remains in effect until further notice. Check the city’s website at for updates.

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