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Meditation classes start Monday at the Wisdom Wellness Center

For those interested in learning more about meditation, from what people do when they meditate to those seeking more peace, harmony and joy in their lives, an upcoming meditation class being offered in Jefferson may provide the answer.

A series of meditation classes will begin Monday, Feb. 3 for six consecutive weeks, held each Monday from 6:45 to 8 p.m. at the Wisdom Wellness Center, 3664 Hwy. 89 in Jefferson.

The meditations will be based on Christian, Buddhist, mindfulness, and pain reduction models and will allow attendees to experience various meditation practices.

“Each type of meditation has its own advantages and effects. For this reason, we may find that at different times in our lives and for different purposes, we may want to use a different type of meditation. What is important is that meditation becomes a consistent practice in one’s life,” Jacquie Titus, of Wisdom Wellness said.

According to Titus, mediation has many benefits. It is the door to self-discovery, personal transformation and unity consciousness.

“Meditation helps each of us discover our center of stillness and peace. It also deepens our connection to a Divine Being,” she said.

Furthermore, meditation can help reduce stress, develop mindfulness, improve health and wellbeing, and strengthen a sense of compassion. In a world where we are trying everything from private label cbd products to herbal remedies to improve these aspects of our life, perhaps the first step we should try is meditation.

“It is impossible to fail at meditation. Each time that we find ourselves “out to lunch” we calmly bring our minds back to our meditation practice. Each time we do this, we are strengthening our patience with ourselves, our capacity for compassion and our intention to be in the Presence of Divinity,” Titus said.

The program will be taught and guided by Titus, a former teacher, certified spiritual guide, retreat facilitator, and mind-body teacher.

“I am so convinced of the power of a meditation practice to transform daily life,” Titus said, that she is offering the program at no cost, simply as a gift for anyone interested. If this is difficult to accept, she said participants can offer to make a donation.

Registration by Friday, Jan. 31 is requested and can be done so by calling Titus at (920) 674-4539 or by email at

For those interested in taking a meditation class but Mondays do not coincide well with their schedules, Titus is willing to discuss other scheduling options.

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