County adopts CDC quarantine guidelines

Consistent with Centers for Disease Control the and Wisconsin Department of Health Services guidance, the Walworth County Division of Public Health continues to recommend a 14-day quarantine as the safest option to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

However, public health officials are also now supporting two options for a reduced quarantine period.

“We recognize that there are many different circumstances that may make a 14-day quarantine difficult for individuals. As allowable by the CDC and DHS we will support a shortened quarantine period for close contacts, as long as they remain symptom free, are able to self-symptom monitor, and can immediately isolate if they become symptomatic,” said Public Health Officer Erica Bergstrom.

The CDC and DHS released late last week guidelines that allow for either a 10-day quarantine or a 7-day quarantine with a negative novel Coronavirus 2019 test result within 48 hours of the end of quarantine for asymptomatic individuals.

The health department stresses that it is still possible for individuals to become symptomatic after day 10 and spread the virus. Anyone choosing to utilize the shortened quarantine should ensure that they continue to monitor for symptoms and immediately isolate if they develop any.

If individuals choose to end their quarantine at day No. 7 with a negative test, they will need to coordinate with their employer or school for early release. The Walworth County Division of Public Health is not able to provide proof of negative test results to end quarantine. Test results may be obtained via email when tested at a Wisconsin National Guard or community testing site, or should be requested from the medical facility that ordered testing.

“We still recognize the 14-day quarantine as the best way to slow the spread of the virus in our community and encourage everyone to utilize this recommendation whenever possible,” said Bergstrom.

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