Man charged with shooting gun in house

Further proceedings are scheduled for June 9 for an East Troy man charged with firing a gun inside his Highway 20 home.

Robert C. Ahorner, 57, was charged May 5 in Walworth County Circuit Court with endangering safety by the reckless use of a firearm and disorderly conduct, both with domestic abuse assessments.

According to the criminal complaint, Ahorner shot a 9 mm pistol four times through the floor of the master bathroom and into the basement of his home May 3 during an argument with his wife.

The 54-year-old woman said she and Ahorner, who told police he had been drinking alcohol since noon, began to argue at about 5 p.m. about Ahorner looking at pornography on the internet, according to the complaint. The woman said Ahorner got the gun, which was not loaded at the time, pointed it at his penis and pulled the trigger, according to the complaint.

She said Ahorner then went into the bathroom, and she heard two gunshots. The woman went into the bathroom to check on Ahorner, and he shot another bullet into the floor while she was in the room, according to the complaint. The woman said she feared for her safety and left the home to call 911, and heard another gunshot.

Police found four bullet holes in the floor of the bathroom that went through the floor, through the heating duct, through a shelf and into a window air conditioning unit, according to the complaint.

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