Village of Darien authorizes well repairs

By Michael S. Hoey


At its Sept. 21 meeting, the Village of Darien Board approved just shy of $25,000 to pull and inspect Well No. 2 at 224 Peters Rd. and clean and repair the well. The actual amount spent could be less depending on what the issue is as determined by Municipal Well & Pump.

Village Administrator Rebecca LeMire said the Public Works Department noticed the well was not working to capacity and speculated there is a hole in the water column.

The board authorized $4,900 for Municipal Well & Pump to pull and inspect the well. LeMire said that reinstalling the well and fixing whatever is wrong later would necessitate pulling it again at an additional cost. Considering that, she recommended the board authorize up to $20,000 to make necessary repairs to the well after it’s pulled and inspected.

LeMire said there are a variety of possible repairs that could be necessary and she anticipated $20,000 should cover the costs. She said there is more than $33,000 available in the Water Utility fund with just one other major project that needs to be completed.

She also reported that the Pubic Service Commission has extended its COVID-19 moratorium on water utility disconnections until Nov. 1.

To read more coverage from the meeting see the Sept. 24 Delavan Enterprise.

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