Food pantry in Delavan moves back home

By Michael S. Hoey


The Harold Johnson Food Pantry, located in the basement of St. Andrew Church since 1980, has spent the past 21 months at a temporary location while its space at St. Andrew was renovated. The pantry moved back home on Sept. 15.

“It felt really good to come back,” Director Terry Bailey said. “This is our home – it’s where it has always been.”

Bailey, whose father opened the pantry, runs it now with her husband, Bruce. Bailey said the pantry was bequeathed money over the years when people died that was specifically earmarked for the renovation of the space. When enough money was available, St. Andrew allowed the pantry to renovate the basement space.

Bailey said not one dime of money that has been donated to the pantry over the years to stock it was used for the renovation. It all came from money specifically designated for that purpose in the wills of people who wished to improve the space where the pantry serves the people.

Read the rest of the story on the pantry in the Sept. 27 Delavan Enterprise.


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