Suspect charged in double homicide

According to a news release from the City of Elkhorn Police Department, the suspect being held in connection with a double homicide in Elkhorn Feb. 1 will be charged.

Thomas Routt Jr., 57, of Elkhorn, had charges officially listed late Thursday on the Walworth County Jail Inmate site. Those charges included charges of first degree intentional homicide, armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a felon – all felonies and with modifiers.

The official criminal complaint, according to Police Chief Joel Christensen, is expected later today. However, the Wisconsin Circuit Court website has listed charges as filed only: two counts of first degree intention homicide, attempted first degree intention homicide, armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a weapon, all with repeat offender modifiers.

The news release went on to detail the recounting of events by the sole eyewitness, who said that a man came into the Sports Page Barr Feb. 1 and began to play the gaming machines. That male was believed to be Routt. After about 30 minutes, Routt brandished a gun and told everyone not to move.

After the witness stood, Routt allegedly told that person to sit back down. He then shot Gina Weingart, the bartender, and the eyewitness fled the scene. Also killed that evening was Emerson Weingart, Gina’s husband.

Routt was taken into custody “without incident,” the news release said, on Feb. 4, on a Department of Corrections hold, as he was out on parole for arson. While the release did not give a specific time frame, it said Routt admitted to shooting both the Weingarts. He also admitted to following the eyewitness out the door and shooting at that person. Routt allegedly told police that the motive was robbery and he took between $120 and $140 from the bar’s cash drawer, the release said.

More information will be available in next week’s print edition of Southern Lakes Newspapers papers.

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