‘National coffee retailer’ coming to East Troy

By Stephanie Jones


A new “national coffee retailer” is coming to East Troy.

It’s set to be constructed on the northwest corner of Highway 20 and Highway ES, across from the Kwik Trip. The house that is there now will be razed to make room.

While it’s heavily rumored to be Starbucks, officials will not confirm or deny it.

When asked directly if it’s going to be Starbucks, developer Steve Anderson said, “It’s a national coffee retailer. That is all I can say.”

Likewise, the village’s zoning administrator, Tim Schwecke, could not confirm the name of the coffee retailer.

The Village of East Troy recently annexed the property on the corner from the Town of East Troy and on Dec. 18, the Village Board approved a conditional use application for a restaurant to be located on the corner.

In this case the establishment is “a national coffee retailer,” according to the business’ conditional use application.

According to the site plan for the coffee retailer, the entrance would be off Highway ES and the proposal includes 39 parking spots.

The coffee retailer will be one of two major establishments coming to East Troy’s Highway 20 exit from Interstate 43.

The village also recently approved a new Culver’s restaurant to be built on Highway 20, just west of the intersection with Highway ES.

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