Darien amends policies

By Michael S. Hoey



The Village of Darien board approved two policy changes on Dec. 18. One made some minor changes to the village’s electronic policy and the other amended the village’s financial policies.

The changes to the electronic policy expanded the number of village staff members covered by it. Administrator Lindsey Peterson said staff who do not have a desktop computer assigned to them have been issued tablets or laptops.

The change to the financial policy involved a recommendation from the Personnel Committee that was approved by the board last month to increase the budget window staff have to procure items without needing board approval.

The policy had dictated that any expense more than $500 required board approval. Peterson said costs have increased so much in recent years that department heads can make very few purchases without board approval under the old policy. The board approval at this meeting allows the personnel manual to match what was approved last month.


New administrative assistant begins work

      Victoria Healey-Etten began work on Dec. 18 as the administrative assistant for the village. Peterson said Healey-Etten lives in Darien and the village office staff is now fully staffed.


New heaters approved and considered

      The board approved purchasing a new heater for the chlorine room in Well Number 3 at a cost of $4.800.

The board also directed Public Works Director Mike Velley to get an estimate for the potential replacement of heaters in the Darien Public Library. Velley said two of the heaters in the Library are emitting more carbon dioxide than they should be, though not at levels that would be harmful. Both units and some others in the Library are 20 or more years old. Velley recommended the village begin looking at replacing the heaters.


Election officials appointed

      The board approved a list of election officials for the 2024-25 term. Trustee Greg Epping was appointed Chief Election Inspector. Other election inspector appointed include Diane Koehnke, Kim Epping, Ronald Tidwell, Dean Logterman, Liz Lochner, MaryJo McCornack, Bill McCornack, Kay Handrick, and Peter Graff.

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