Village Board approves update to Memorial Wall in park

      The East Troy Village Board gave the go ahead to an update to the Veterans Memorial Wall in Village Square Park at its Jan. 16 meeting.

      The upgrade will incorporate an honor stone component, according to a memo to the board from Village Clerk Lorri Alexander and Department of Public Works Director Jason Equitz.

      “We have been working to design this project and we have found great support for the project,” they wrote in the memo.

      According to the memo, the project plan is to replace the existing concrete in front of the Veterans Wall in the park with paver stones and update the lighting at the Veterans Wall.

      “We will launch a promotional offering to the public to order honor stones to be engraved and installed in the memorial,” the memo states. “Our deadline for this project is to launch the public information about this project in early February, with the ‘unveiling’ at the 2023 Memorial Day activities.

      The board members said they liked the look of the plan and approved of its implementation.

New pier

      The Village Board approved the replacement of the Mill Pond Park pier at the Jan. 16 meeting. The low bid came in at $53,950.00 from Complete Pier.

      “We have $65,000 in our Capital Budget for this project. We had $40,000 budgeted in the Parks Capital Budget for pier replacement in 2022. The Park and Rec. Board had also approved using the $25,000 we had in the budget for bathrooms at Playmore Park for use on this project,” Equitz wrote in a memo to the board.

      In other business at the Jan. 16 meeting, the Village Board:

      • Approved the purchase of cyber insurance through League of Wisconsin Municipal Mutual Insurance’s program through Tokio Marine at a cost of less than $5,100 annually;

      • Approved the final pay request and change order for TID 4. Village engineering firm, Lynch and Associates, said, “This change order increases the contract from $1,769,301.38 to $2,108,188.03; an increase of $338,886.65 and reflects all final costs;”

      • Approved a proposal from Strand and Associates is for $88,100.000 to complete a Water System Evaluation;

• Approve a proposal from Endpoint Solutions for $20,500 to install four groundwater monitoring wells in the former impoundment. According to a memo to the board from Equits, “Two of the four storm sewer pipe extensions that were installed in the former impoundment have been experiencing an unknown discharge. Staff has sampled these pipes and determined that the discharge in question contains an elevated level of pH.”

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