Village to go through full revaluation

      The Village of Darien board approved a full revaluation of village property on Aug. 22. The work will be done in 2023 by Associated Appraisal at a cost just over $39,000.

      Administrator Lindsey Peterson said the village last went through revaluation was in 2009. She said the village has until 2024 to complete a full revaluation before the state requires it, conducts it, and bills the village for it at two-to-three times the cost of the village contracting it out on its own.

      Peterson said revaluations are done to ensure all properties in a municipality are assessed based on what they are actually worth. She said that over time values can fluctuate because some property owners take out building permits and make improvements to their property.

      Peterson said the Department of Revenue requires municipalities to assess all major classes of property within ten percent of full value, or no lower than a 90 percent assessment rate. She said the village is currently at an 84 percent aggregate assessment ratio, which is not uncommon but is not in compliance.

      The board had some options to choose from for the revaluation. Along with a full revaluation that includes the interior and exterior inspection of homes and businesses, the board could have chosen an interim market update revaluation or an exterior-only revaluation, but neither would satisfy the state requirement since village property has not been revaluated in 14 years.

      Peterson said Associated Appraisal will conduct all of the work including scheduling inspections with village property owners.

      The board also approved a new five-year contract that will run through 2027 with Associated Appraisal for $7,300 in its first year with $100 increase in each year thereafter.

Budget timeline set

      Peterson presented the 2023 budget timeline to the board. No action was needed. In August, department heads have been putting together budget requests for 2023 and scheduling meetings with Peterson to discuss those requests. Budget proposals are due on Sept. 2, a budget workshop will be held on Sept. 13 during the regular Finance Committee meeting, a joint meeting with the Town of Darien will be held some time in September to discuss the Fire/EMS budget, a second budget workshop may be held if necessary on Oct. 11, a public hearing will be held on Oct. 17, and the board will vote on approving the budget on Nov. 21.

Fire/EMS Departments to spend gifted funds

      The board granted approval for the Fire/EMS Department to spend $20,000 that was donated to the department by the Darien Community Baptist Church. The donation included the stipulation that each part of the department spend $10,000. Each department has a list of items to purchase with the donated funds.

Water Tower repairs approved

      The board approved $29,500 in repairs of Water Tower Number 1. The figure could rise to $69,500 if it is determined the water intake pipe needs to be replaced.

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