City takes over Darien Police Department

PHOTO BY Vicky Wedig
Delavan Police Chief Tim O’Neill stands next to one of the department’s squad cars, which were painted with the phrase “serving Darien” when the city took over the Darien Police Department on Jan. 1.

By Vicky Wedig


Five full-time officers were sworn in as City of Delavan police at midnight Dec. 31 as the city took over Village of Darien police services Jan. 1.

The city intended to hire four officers to accommodate Darien. One officer was hired to fill a vacancy in Delavan.

Four of the officers – Gerardo Baca, Richard Kendall, Michael Anderberg and Michael Sulzer – were already part-time Delavan officers. Baca also was a full-time Darien officer. Darien’s other remaining full-time officer, Brian Mair, also was hired. Darien officer Charles Lankford retired before the city took over the village’s services.

The department now has 23 full-time sworn officers and seven marked squad cars. The city took over two of Darien’s three-vehicle fleet – one marked and one unmarked squad car. The village sold the third vehicle. The marked Darien car was painted with the logo Delavan adopted about three years ago with the phrase “serving Darien” added. The phrase also was added to Delavan’s six cars so that all the logos are uniform.

Delavan Police Chief Tim O’Neill said the department has not assigned specific officers to Darien but has a squad car there at all times. For training purposes, all officers are rotating into the Darien sector to familiarize themselves with the community and its businesses and residents, he said.

“We want to make sure the officers are in Darien every day they work,” O’Neil said. “We’re encouraging the entire staff – myself and all officers – to continue to meet and greet the residents and merchants.”

O’Neill said so far officers have reported a positive response from Darien residents.

“We’re excited about it,” O’Neill said. “We really feel this is a win-win situation for taxpayers of both communities.”

The Darien police station will remain at 24 N. Wisconsin St. as a substation of the City of Delavan Police Department. Court Clerk and Administrative Assistant Peggy McKinney will remain there as a full-time employee of the village. Darien residents should continue to call the Darien police telephone number at 882-3432 to report complaints or for police assistance.

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