LETTER: Romney will lead us back into prosperity

Dear Editor, At this point in the presidential campaign we have heard much about the issues. We know there are sharp contrasts between the two candidates. However, no progress will be made on any issue without leadership. The ability to lead vividly distinguishes the two. President Obama has admitted he […]


LETTER: Loudenbeck straightforward, honest

I recently saw campaign literature for the two candidates for the 31st Assembly District State Representative position. One candidate, the one I am supporting, is Amy Loudenbeck, the Republican who currently holds the position and supported Scott Walker to balance the budget and control property taxes for homeowners and make Wisconsin more […]


LETTER: Loudenbeck demonstrates excellent leadership

As someone who has been involved in Walworth County politics for a number of years, I wanted to express my enthusiasm and support for the re-election of Amy Loudenbeck to the Wisconsin State Assembly.       Even when she only had Richmond Township in Walworth County in her district, she reached […]


LETTER: Proud to vote for Loudenbeck

I am supporting Amy Loudenbeck for re-election to the Wisconsin Assembly because she has been a strong advocate of women, children and families. As a grandmother, mom and retired public school teacher, I am proud to give Amy my vote.       Amy worked with the Attorney General to improve Wisconsin […]


LETTER: Schroeder a better choice for the 31st

The following quote appears on the Project Vote Smart website, “Amy Loudenbeck refused to tell citizens where she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2012 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests…”       On AARP’s 2012 Voter Guide: “Amy chose not to respond to AARP’s Voter Guide.” Amy […]


LETTER: Romney’s trapeze act is enough to give you whiplash

Mitt Romney’s campaign reminds me of watching a trapeze act at the circus.       All his flying turns and twists in mid- air, swinging wildly from one trapeze bar to another with breathtaking speed; it really is quite entertaining.       First he swings to the left and supports a woman’s […]


LETTER: Obama spent the entire debate floundering

Governor Romney overwhelmingly won last week’s debate. He presented a clear choice: a real recovery or four more years of Obama’s failed policies.       With no successes to present, Obama spent the entire debate floundering.  He proposed nothing to help middle class Americans.       The governor’s experience as an executive […]


LETTER: Obama is gutting welfare

Robert Rector is a senior research fellow who worked closely with Congress to draft the work requirements in the 1996 welfare reform law.       The 1996 law required that a portion of able-bodied adults getting welfare work or prepare for work. Obama issued a bureaucratic order allowing states to waive […]


LETTER: A travesty of justice

I write to you about a travesty of justice. And I speak about this poor woman who fell asleep after working the night shift to support her children and was then sentenced to a year in jail for neglect, while at the same time a few miles away, so-called doctors […]


LETTER: A response to GOP lawmakers unhappy with drowning sentence

I am writing you today to express my grave concern over your public attack against the recent sentence rendered by Walworth County Circuit Court Judge David Reddy relating to Melody Butt, whose infant twins drowned in the bathtub while she slept. Certainly, I am anguished over the negligence on the […]