By Tracy Ouellette


The East Troy Village Board extended the deadline for the owner of the vacant property on the village square to have top soil brought in and grass planted until July 1 at Monday night’s meeting.

Greg Aprahamian, owner of the property that was destroyed in the square fire on April 26, 2013, which destroyed the businesses and apartments at 2877 Main St., 2883 Main St. and 2113 Main St.

The Village Board gave until April 15, 2014, to have grass planted on the site at the Oct. 7, 2013, board meeting. In the interim, however, Aprahamian gave the Barrs permission to use part of the empty lot for storage of soil and building materials while the Barr Building, which was also damaged in the April 26 fire, is renovated.

Board members acknowledged July is not the optimal time to plant grass seed, but that it needs to be done as soon as possible.

The board also heard from Municipal Judge Michael Cotter on the success of the juvenile screening program he instituted last year and how it’s being expanded into Elkhorn and hopefully further in the county. Cotter told the board he “just wanted to keep you updated as we’re getting some press and I didn’t want you to read about it in the paper and wonder what was going on.” (See Page 3 for related story.)


Railroad parking

Representatives from the East Troy Electric Railroad came the board with a renewed request to official lease the village-owned lots next to the railroad that are used for parking while the ETER is in operation.

“We bring in a ton of people into this town and we’re faced with how to handle the ton of people,” said ETER President Ryan Jonas. “

The matter was discussed at length in 2011 and an agreement almost reached, but then tabled when “things became complicated” at the time with plans for new buildings and financing, said Bernie Van Dinter, chairman of the board for the ETER.

Railroad representatives said drainage has become an issue on the lots, especially this past winter, and it needs the village’s help with grading and repairs.

Board President Randy Timms said he remembered that there is an issue with digging down on the property because it used to be a dump, so he wanted to make sure that wasn’t disturbed with the grading. And he told them if the village ever had to come in to repair the storm sewer, it would have to tear up the asphalt (if it was laid) and that could be expensive, but that he didn’t have a problem with what the ETER was asking for.

The other board members were in favor of the agreement, as well, and members instructed the village attorney to look at the proposed lease agreement so it can be brought back to the board in a few weeks for finalization.

Trustee Forty Renucci abstained from voting because he has a signed contract with the railroad and has been repairing one of its cars.


Committee appointments

The Village Board approves several committee appointments Monday night. They included:

Plan Commission – Roger Hansen and Kirk Nelson, 3-year terms; Trustee Linda Kaplan, 1-year term;

Administration Advisory – Kaplan and Trustee Ann Zess, one-year terms;

Airport Advisory – Trustee Chris Gultch, one year;

Booth Lake Memorial Park Board – Trustee Dustan Stanford and Charles Straehl, one year;

Department of Public Works Advisory – Trustees Fred Douglas and Stanford, 1 year;

Emergency Services – Douglas, one year;

Library Board – Zess, one year;

Police Advisory – Gultch and Renucci, one year;

Weed Commissioner – DPW Director Mike Miller, one year;

Park and Recreation – Geraldine Mayotte, Dana Schmitz and Mary Anne Rivers, until J


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