Above: The Ferris wheel towers above the crowd at the 51st annual Venetian Festival in Lake Geneva on Sunday.
Below: Geneva Flyboard personnel put on a show with their “flyboards” – boards atop 25-foot hoses connected to a jet ski – during Venetian Fest on Sun-day. Geneva Flyboard owner Nick Pacocha said the flyboards allow people to become “human Iron Man,” flying above the lake propelled by water pressure. The professionals of Geneva Flyboard soared about 25 feet above the water. He said renters can hover 5 to 10 feet up. The company rents flyboards off Big Foot State Beach on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Above: The band No Credentials, from the Lake Geneva House of Music, performs at Venetian Fest on Sunday
Below: The grand finale lights the sky over Lake Geneva culminating the 51st Venetian Fest.




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