Police reports

The City of Elkhorn Police Department responded to the following reports between June 28 and July 2:

Alcohol – A woman was cited for drunken driving July 1 after police received a report that she had left the laundry mat near the 10 block of North Wisconsin Street and appeared to be “very intoxicated.”

Damage to property – A man was warned for damaging property June 28 after police were called to 401 S. Davis St. for a report that he was out of control. According to the incident report, the man was upset that his mother did not give him $10 for gas, so he broke a couple flower pots and a bench outside the home. He also broke a plate and screen door inside the home. His mother requested police warn him in lieu of charging him, the incident report stated.

Damage to property – Police received a report of wires cut on an air conditioner at 857 Sweetbriar Drive June 28.

Disorderly conduct – A woman was warned for disorderly conduct June 28 after police were called to 835 S. Lincoln St. for a report of a woman wearing a “really short dress with her white thong and rear end showing,” outside screaming. The woman was reportedly upset about not having her driver’s license.

Disorderly conduct – Police were called to 501 E. First Avenue June 29 for a report of a man who was exposing himself.

Disorderly conduct – Police were called to a 493 E. Hartwell St. apartment June 30 for a report of a woman who took a remote control for a DVD player after she was given permission to use the bathroom at the residence.

Drugs – A man was cited for possession of marijuana June 30 after police were called to Hampton Inn, 40 W. Hidden Trail, for a report that he choked his girlfriend and punched her in the nose. The woman did not want to press charges for the assault, the report stated.

Drugs – A man was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia July 1 after police were dispatched to 307 S. Franklin St. by Probation & Parole for a warrant. He was confined to Walworth County Jail, according to the report.

Sex offender registry – Brady Robert Ritacco, 33 West St., came into the Elkhorn Police Department June 29 to register as a sex offender. He was convicted in Walworth County for second degree sexual assault of a child on April 8, 2005, according to online records.

Theft – Police received a report June 29 of a man who allegedly stole a vehicle belonging to his uncle. According to the incident report, the man loaned the car to his nephew a week prior but had not gotten it back and suspected it was driven to Iowa.

Traffic – A man was arrested for operating under the influence June 29 after police were called to the 200 block of County Trunk H for a report of a crash with injuries.

Traffic – Police were called to South Lincoln Street and East Morrissy Drive June 30 for a report of a car crashing into a deer, causing moderate frontend damage to the vehicle. No injuries were reported. The deer was killed, the report stated.



– A homeless man was warned for sleeping in the stairwell at 23.5 S. Wisconsin St., June 29, where he had been warned previously for sleeping.

– An Elkhorn man was warned June 29 for shooting off fireworks at 539 S. Woodpine Drive.

– Police were called to the Walworth County Fairgrounds, 411 E. Court St. June 30, for a report of two large dogs inside of a vehicle that were in distress. The dogs were taken out of the car and transported to the Police Department where their owner later came to pick them up. She was warned for animal neglect, according to the report.

– Police were called to Speedway, 102 S. Lincoln St., June 30 for a report of a boy who stole a candy bar. According to the incident report, the boy’s mother found out about the theft and brought him back to the gas station to apologize and clean the parking lot. Police gave the boy a warning, the report stated.

– Police received a report July 1 from a woman who stated she ordered furniture from Design Buy Consign, 1950 N. Wisconsin St., back in April when she put down $1,000 on the purchase. The person who sold the furniture is no longer at the business, according to the report. The woman requested police assistance.

– A man was warned July 2 for selling fireworks that are not allowed under city ordinance. According to the incident report, police were called to 1390 N. Wisconsin St. for a report of illegal fireworks being sold. Upon inspection, police found two types of fireworks – Breathing Fire and Talking Smack, which had warning labels stating they shoot out flaming balls. The man agreed to take them down and remove them completely from the stand, the report stated.


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