The Whitewater Arts Alliance’s annual holiday card competition will return this year to help raise funds for the non-profit.

WAA is seeking card art in four categories, and artists may enter all categories.

Categories include: Santa Claus, snow people, Christmas floral/tree, and Christmas scenes.

All cards will be displayed in downtown Whitewater in one of the Phantom Galleries.

Card artwork is due Sept. 1, at the WAA Cultural Arts Center, 402 W. Main St. Whitewater, between 1-2 p.m. Judging will be completed by Sept. 10. The art will be judged on originality and the ability to reproduce a quality card.

An artist can win in only one category.

WAA will have cards printed from the winner in each category, and the sales proceeds will be used for WAA projects. Each winner will receive 12 cards – three from each category.


Holiday card competition rules

• Artwork must be 7.5 x 10, 11.25 x 15, or 15 x 20. (This will reproduce well for printing cards.)

• Art must be matted or a wrapped canvas that can be hung with Velcro.

• There is no age restriction for entrants, but those younger than 18 must have the signature of a parent/guardian.

• All art must be original – no patterns, no photos that were not taken by the artist, no rubber stamps or computer-generated art.

• Artists should not add any greetings on the image.

• Artists may enter all categories, but only one card may be selected per artist.

• Artists will sign an agreement when delivering their artwork to allow the WAA to reproduce and sell their artwork.

•  Artists will also verify that this is their original artwork and is not under copyright or created from patterns or other images (i.e., Coke’s Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, etc. are under copyright, as are all images that are published in magazines, coloring books, on the Internet, etc.).

• The artist will agree not to make and/or sell cards from their winning artwork for at least one year.

For more information, contact Joyce Follis at or (262) 473-2630.


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