A recent letter to the editor listed 301 uses for the auditorium proposed as part of the upcoming school referendum that will be on the ballot in April. It is my understanding that of the $19 million proposed, the portion for the auditorium is as follows: $9 million baseline plus; $290,000 for an additional 100 seats, $270,000 for band pit, $630,000 for modified fly. This totals $10,430,000 for the auditorium.

      So with the numbers provided by the school board let’s do a little math. They listed 301 possible events in the auditorium (this assumes there are no scheduling conflicts). So $10,430,000 divided by 301 equals $34,651 per use for one year. Divide that cost over 10 years, assuming after 10 years the facility will need additional money for improvements like replacing carpeting, seating, lighting, etc. This brings the taxpayer cost per (average three hour) event to $3,465. This does not include the hidden cost of ongoing maintenance.

      These events as listed by the school board members include; cheer practice, band events, theater practice, and other events that are now done in the gym or cafeteria.

      As a taxpayer, ask yourself  – will building this facility bring in enough new students/state revenue to justify the cost of $3,465 per pom pom practice, award ceremonies, cheer practice, or theater performance? If you think it is worth it and cost effective, vote yes. But if you feel these are misguided priorities. Then you must vote no.


Christopher Gultch

East Troy


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