As a current student at East Troy High School I, like many, are not opposed to a new auditorium the referendum on ballot will pay for. I also believe there are new things the East Troy community needs that take precedent over the auditorium. While our current auditorium is lagging in quality and comfort, our school system is behind in technology, test scores, and a thorough curriculum that fits the needs and interests of every student.

      I am not part of the “100 percent” of students that will benefit from and use a fancy auditorium. I am a part of the 100 percent of students in this community that needs and deserves a challenging educational environment with only the best resources available to set me up for a successful future.

      As a senior my time using the current resources here is limited, but if I were an incoming freshman or middle schooler I would happily attend events held in our current, less than perfect auditorium and look forward to graduating in the “Palladium” athletics gym as long as I know I am getting more than a “good enough” education from the East Troy schools. When academics achieve excellence, arts and athletics will follow; our students deserve the best.

      Please make an informed decision on April 2. Please vote no so a referendum focused on excellence in academics can be made.


Danielle Stemper

East Troy


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