The 21st century is demanding more from our engineers and scientists than pure math and logic can deliver. More than ever, these professionals need the ability to think creatively, and they must be able to envision and develop solutions to complex problems.

      Science and industry are no longer satisfied with one-dimensional engineers and scientists. They are demanding 3-dimensional thinkers; people with strong backgrounds in Science, Technology, the fine Arts, and Math (STEAM).

      It’s the addition of fine arts (music, band, choir, and visual arts) to STEM that will give tomorrow’s engineers and scientists the edge they need in the 21st century.

      If the East Troy School district wants to attract and educate these future engineers and scientists, we will need to be STEAM compliant. This means quality STEM space and quality performing arts space.      An auditorium is needed to give students the same caliber facilities when they are in their band or choir class as when they are in their math or physics class.

      A performing arts curriculum without an auditorium is like a physics curriculum without a lab.  It’s not enough to learn “in your chair.” Students need a place to demonstrate that they have mastered the subject material.  For a student in physics class, that place is a lab. For a student in band or choir class, that place is an auditorium.

      A primary purpose of the performing arts is to perform. This can’t be done appropriately in the band room or the gymnasium. You need an auditorium to hear the true quality of the music, without distortion, and to appreciate the execution, intonation and harmony of the performance.

      An auditorium is an investment that will help balance the development of the students’ abilities in all critical areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. It’s time to get STEAMED.

      Organizations supporting the STEAM movement include Adobe, Intel, Texas Instruments, Nike, MIT, Rhode Island School of Design, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and many more. Please Google “stem to steam” for more detailed information

Susan Griffin,

East T


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