Please vote “yes” on April 2 for the East Troy Community Schools Referendum.

When we were house hunting as a young family in the late 1990’s, East Troy appeared to be a community that valued education, having recently voted to build Prairie View Elementary.

My hope is that we can renew that sense of civic responsibility and vote yes to educating our youth.

We must take care to not teach our children that we must dispose of all that is old.  Rather, let us invest in that which can be repaired. The referendum gives us that opportunity with Doubek Elementary.

Let us reinforce the importance of education to our children as they advance to high school, a critical time as they prepare for their lives as productive, well-rounded adults.

Let them work in tech ed rooms that have the space and equipment to prepare them for a trade. Let them thrive in classrooms that allow collaboration with their teachers and their peers, preparing them for higher education or the workforce.

And let all of our students know the joy of experiencing a production on a real stage, either as a performer or a fan, in an auditorium. Perhaps we could invite the whole community, even those with physical challenges. What a rewarding opportunity for all.               I truly believe we all want the best for our youth and want them to have every chance to succeed. They are the future of our world. But it is up to us for now…

Please vote “yes” on April 2.

Kathy Mengel,

East Troy


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