By Jennifer Eisenbart


The Walworth County Board of Supervisors Executive Committee gave a unanimous nod to new ordinance language that would prohibit non-governmental grants and private donations to help run elections.

The Republican Party of Walworth County drafted correspondence to the County Board out of its annual canvas, asking the county to bar private money being used in running elections.

In the 2020 election, Republicans have charged that five Wisconsin cities accepted grant money to help run the elections – money that they feel affected the outcome of the elections. The interim report from Michael Gableman says, in essence, that those five cities violated the state’s bribery law by accepting those funds.

Chris Goebel, representing the Republican Party of Walworth County, spoke during the public comment period.

“What we’re asking Walworth County to do is ban any private funds in running an election in Walworth County,” Goebel said. “It’s We the People who run the elections, not companies.”

County Administrator Mark Luberda said that a change to the county ordinance can be made, one that would specify no non-governmental grants or private donations.

“It restricts the county’s action,” Luberda said, adding that the change would involve only county elections – not municipal elections.

The other members of the committee agreed with the county administrator’s analysis and recommendations, and the suggested language change was supported unanimously.

For more on the executive committee meeting, please see the print editions of any Walworth County Southern Lakes Newspapers.


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