By Jennifer Eisenbart


The Town of Delavan ended up with a pair of ice rescues on back-to-back days last week.

The two incidents combined to make it the third time in the past week that people have gone through the ice on Delavan Lake.

The first incident took place Friday, Jan. 21, at about 1:30 p.m.. According to a news release, town police and fire were notified when an ATV went through the ice on Delavan Lake, off to the west of Town Park.

Officers were told the man was holding onto the ATV so it would not sink. When the two departments arrived, the man – a 50-year-old from Beloit – was out of the water and standing on the ice. He was rescued using the fire department air boat and taken to shore.

On Saturday, Jan. 22 at about 11:40 a.m., town police and fire were notified of a snowmobile that had gone through the ice while pulling two ice shanties.

The two 19-year-old men from Franksville pulled themselves out of the water. Both were located then taken to shore, again using the air boat. They were checked by rescue and released.

Following the two incidents, the Town of Delavan police again reminded people that there is thin ice and open water on the lake. Detective Sergeant Erik Voss stressed later in the week that local bait shop and online forums are best, as the DNR does not monitor ice conditions.

He also pointed out that rescues are time-consuming and frustrating for rescuers as well as those who go through the ice.

“Delavan Lake is not small and the stranded person advising they can see the Lake Lawn water tower doesn’t help the responders a lot,” Voss said. “Whether someone goes through the ice due to carelessness or it was something beyond their control, the Town of Delavan Police, Fire, and EMS will respond to rescue anyone. It does get a little frustrating, though, when there are obvious signs of danger, i.e. several days of warmer weather, and people still go out.”


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