This photo of Brantley and Minuette Trumpy and their children shows what photographer Ivan Baublitz referred to as an ectoplasm apparition, or ‘ghost,’ which can be seen near the bottom right. Other photographs he sent show it appearing to move upward and to the left from the area it first appeared. (Courtesy Ivan Baublitz photo)

By Heather Ruenz

Staff Writer

Ivan Baublitz of Inspiration Photography says he happened upon a great Halloween season story recently and not only swears that it’s real, but provided what he says is proof.

“I was snapping some photos for a family in Delavan for a photo shoot and I captured undeniably the best ghost photos you ever saw,” Baublitz said.

On Oct. 17, he was asked to take photos of the Brantley and Minuette Trumpy family, of Elkhorn, at Congdon Park in Delavan.

He said it was a rather sunny day so he chose to go under the gazebo at the park for some shade and to avoid the hard shadows.

“Oddly, once I began shooting my camera began to malfunction and wouldn’t shoot. When it finally did I shook it off but was still a bit puzzled as to why,” Baublitz said.

After the shoot, he said he reviewed the photos in his car.

“I was suddenly frozen… I’ve shot photography for decades. I actually have an undergraduate degree from Columbia College Chicago and minored in filmmaking, so I have an eye for trickery or photo manipulation,” he said.

Baublitz said he also took into account that his lens was clean and any other objects that may have been somehow distorted but discovered nothing of the sort.

“As I reviewed the photos in my car I swear the wind picked up and a chill ran over me. I hurried back home to review them on the computer and my intuition was true… I had captured an ectoplasm apparition,” he said.

In other words, Baublitz captured a ghost or a spirit.

He said the Trumpy family was given the pictures of the photo shoot minus the ones of the apparition.

“However, after speaking to my wife we decided to share with them and they were both as floored as I was,” he said.

The Trumpys encouraged Baublitz to send the photos to anyone who might be able to identify what may or may not be in the pictures.

Baublitz is sure he captured a ghost that day.

“It just goes to show that Halloween is every day even in the day time,” he said.


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