Incidents at three Elkhorn establishments being reviewed

By Kellen Olshefski


Last week, the City of Elkhorn Common Council opted to table the assessment of 75-point alcohol violation demerit point notifications for three Elkhorn establishments. They referred the issue to the Legislative and Regulatory Committee for further review before making a final determination.

While a motion to approve the first of the demerit point notifications was made, the council rescinded its motion and second after it was brought up during a brief discussion on the topic. At the time, the notifications had not yet been discussed at committee level and approval did not come as a recommendation from the Legislative and Regulatory Committee.

A motion to table the items was approved by the council unanimously.

The three establishments facing demerit point notifications include Jury Room Bar and Grill, Sports Page Barr and Moy’s Restaurant.

Moy’s Restaurant

According to court documents, Moy’s Restaurant was found guilty of violating liquor labeling requirements after police visited the establishment on May 7, 2020, for its annual alcohol inspection. During that visit officers found several unlabeled bottles of alcohol on the premises.

The memo from Brandl states that officers noted several violations during the inspection, including not having a current Wisconsin Seller’s permit posted and Moy’s not having two years’ worth of alcohol invoices on the premises.

While checking behind the bar area, the officer located 10 unmarked bottles of liquor, according to Brandl, and the licensed applicant, Jianping Huang, did not know what the bottles contained.

The memo states that the officer also found a bottle of Bloody Mary mix that stated it needed to be refrigerated and had been sitting out for “weeks,” and that there were also four open and uncovered bottles of alcohol that had dead flies in them. Additionally, the memo states the officer found nearly 40 bottles of expired beer.

When the officer returned on May 15 to see if the violations had been corrected, the restaurant still did not have all of the invoices on premise, according to the memo.

The memo further states it was also discovered the restaurant did not have a seller’s permit issued by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Jury Room

According to court documents included in the council packet, Jury Room Bar and Grill owner Howard Knight was found guilty of selling alcohol to an intoxicated person in Elkhorn Municipal Court after the police department had been dispatched to the establishment on Nov. 6, 2019, for a subject that fell and was injured.

A memorandum from Elkhorn Police Captain Alvin Brandl states that Knight said he served the subject “four margaritas,” and when she stood up from the bar, she fell over backwards, striking her head.

The female subject was transported to the local hospital, according to Brandl, where she gave a weak breath into a PBT with a result of .20g/210L.

Sports Page Barr

Court documents state that Betty Barr was found guilty by default after police officers found the blinds to the Sports Page Barr closed on March 20, 2020, obstructing a clear view into the business.

According to a memo from Brandl, officers contacted the establishment about the blinds, and the subject hung up on the officer.

Officers then issued a citation to Betty Barr, and it was delivered to her husband, Michael Barr, who was argumentative with officers, according to the memo.



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