They hope to connect with students and teachers

By Heather Ruenz

Staff Writer

The Walworth County Historical Society is putting forth a special effort to reach out to students and teachers who may not be able to visit some of the society’s sites due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Pat Blackmer, of the historical society, the hope is to connect with elementary school students, parents and teachers in Walworth County.

“We realize they may not be able to visit the Webster House Museum or the Blooming Prairie One-Room School at the fairgrounds on their usual field trips this school year due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” Blackmer said.

“We do a great deal with students who come in on field trips during the fall and spring, we thought that we would reach out,” she added.

Members of the historical society came up with a project consisting of two elements, both of which they are hoping will be of interest to people throughout the greater community, but especially kids.

The first is a newsletter, “The Legacy for Kids,” which will be published in four initial issues over the upcoming school year.

“It will cover much of the history of Walworth County in a style and format suitable for third and fourth grade students. Each issue will cover important eras in the history of the county,” Dan Richardson, of the WCHS, said.

Issue No. 1 deals with early history, Native Americans, the geography of Walworth County and more. Issues two, three and four will deal with different eras of county history, Blackmer explained.

“Each newsletter will include important articles and photographs of the history of the county for a given era,” she said.

All four issues will be available on the historical society’s website at for anyone to view at any time as the school year goes on.

We believe, this along with the establishment of a Walworth County History Club for Kids will go a long way in giving kids who may or may not be able to participate in our usual program for them during the school year, some valuable and worthwhile information about the county they live in today,” Richardson said.

As Richardson mentioned, the second part of the outreach project involves membership in the newly created “WCHS History Club for Kids.”

“Kids are invited to join the club free of charge and will be sent a membership kit which includes a brief history of Walworth County booklet, a membership card and a membership certificate,” he explained.

Future history booklets will follow throughout the upcoming year and students who sign up during this calendar year will become Charter Members of the WCHS History Club for Kids.

Membership is free and only requires that a student email the Walworth County Historical Society with his/her name and address at or send their name and address requesting membership to the Walworth County Historical Society, P.O. Box 273, Elkhorn, WI 53121.



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