An initial appearance is scheduled for Aug. 20 for an East Troy man charged with pointing a gun at a 17-year-old boy before the weapon fired as he and the teenager fought over it.

Albert E. A. Fletcher, 20, was charged July 28 in Walworth County Circuit Court with first-degree recklessly endangering safety.

According to the criminal complaint, a 17-year-old boy said he and his girlfriend watched a movie at their 19-year-old friend’s house with their friend and his girlfriend. After the movie, the friends were in a car when the 19-year-old man starting talking about another friend of his whom Fletcher might have intended to beat up or sent two guys to beat up but instead beat up the friend’s father, according to the complaint.

The boy said he did not know Fletcher or the 19-year-old’s friends but thought that was “messed up” and wanted to see if it were true, so he had his friend’s drive him to Fletcher’s home where he approached Fletcher and asked if he really beat up an old man, according to the complaint. He said Fletcher then pulled a white bandana out of a backpack that had a gun inside it, pointed the gun at the boy and told him to leave, the complaint states.

The boy said he left Fletcher’s house, went to his 18-year-old girlfriend’s house in East Troy, and then Fletcher arrived at the house and told the boy if he didn’t come outside, Fletcher was going to “light up” his girlfriend’s house “like a Christmas tree,” according to the complaint.

The boy went outside, and Fletcher pointed a gun at him and told him to come to the park because “you know what is going to happen and she (his girlfriend)) does not need to see it,” the complaint states. The boy said he told his girlfriend to go inside, turned to walk toward to the park but then quickly turned and grabbed for the gun, at which point the gun went off, according to the complaint.

The boy said he and Fletcher wrestled, and he took the gun away, the complaint states. After wrestling the gun away, the boy said Fletcher appeared as though he was going to come at him, so the boy pulled the trigger, and the gun clicked but did not fire, according to the complaint. The boy said he believed the gun only had one bullet in the chamber and he then pushed the gun into Fletcher’s chest and told him never to come back, the complaint states. Fletcher then grabbed the gun and left, according to the complaint.



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