Approved $1 sale to include parking lot donation for Tasch Park

By Kellen Olshefski

With a 4-2 vote Monday night, the City of Elkhorn Common Council voted in favor of selling the former Public Works building to Walworth County Craftsmen.

Under the approved deal, Walworth County Craftsmen would purchase the old building for $1, which will be used to keep the business in Elkhorn. As part of the deal, the company will not only fix up and increase the curb appeal of the building – thus increasing the value of taxable property in the city – but also construct a parking lot for Tasch Park that would be donated back to Elkhorn upon its completion.

“It’s kind of in an unusable state and an eyesore, I’ve heard people mentioning,” Nathan Boas of Walworth County Craftsmen said. “I have a proposal here to turn it into a shop to keep my local business local, because right now, we’re looking for another place to go, and to possibly upgrade the land value… maybe we can do a deal here where everyone can come out good on this one.”

According to Boas, who presented the plan to aldermen in person at Monday’s meeting, his proposal would dramatically increase the property value, and in turn increase the tax revenue, of a building that is otherwise deteriorating at this time.

Read more about the discussion that took place related to the former DPW building in the Aug. 6 Elkhorn Independent.


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