Multiple departments are currently on the scene of a structure fire in the Sunset Meadows complex on Faryl Avenue in the City of Delavan. It appears as if multiple units within the 714 building have been damaged. The cause of the fire, which began earlier this morning, is unknown at this time. See the July 2 Delavan Enterprise for more information and photos. (Heather Ruenz photo)


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  1. Kthomas says:

    I live here and lived through the fire. We are one of the 4 apartments that were able to move back in. It is as if our apartment never went through a fire, no damage from fire or water. We still had to evacuate for 7 days until the all clear was given by Fire Marshall and utilities turned back on for the 4 surviving units. It has been 9 days since the fire and we still smell it when walking outside. We are on the side of the damage. Crews have been working from dusk until dawn and are making good progress. God bless the fire fighters of Delavan for the fast response time and having the fire contained quickly. God bless the Police Officers who stayed with all of us and made sure we were as comfortable as could be in the field across the street as we watched our homes being destroyed, and God bless MPC; owners of Sunset Meadows Apartments – Becky YOU ROCK!! She stayed with all of her tenants that entire first day, and returned daily for 7 days, so people could remove their belongings or just stop by to pick up a few things. Doors were fenced in and locked. No thefts happened. Police patrolled the area often. All humans and all pets safe and unharmed. No deaths. God is Good.

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