By Michael S. Hoey


Last week, the Delavan-Darien School Board discussed a potential facilities referendum for this fall or next spring. A successful referendum would fund renovations to athletic facilities at the high school.

District Administrator Jill Sorbie said at the May 11 meeting she and staff have been looking into the costs of improving DDHS athletic facilities over the last six months, though no figures were provided at the meeting.

After the meeting, Business Administrator Anthony Klein said the district is looking to borrow $6.5 million for the project, but that figure is very preliminary. Sorbie said she is looking into sponsorships for some elements of the potential plan, but a referendum may be necessary for the plan to proceed.

The needs include repairs to the concreted decking of Borg Stadium and the replacement of an outdated and non-compliant concession stand/restroom facility, an unsafe soccer field that has led to student-athlete injuries, a football field with drainage issues, a track that hasn’t been resurfaced in over 20 years, and a set of tennis courts that is cracking.

The soccer field was ruled unfit for WIAA playoffs leading to those events being moved to Lake Geneva Badger the last couple of years. The football field developed a sinkhole develop on it last fall.

Read the rest of the discussion and additional meeting coverage in the May 21 Delavan Enterprise.


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  1. Oscar Mueller says:

    The people on the school board need to get their priorities straight and worry about giving every student a proper education.
    Forget the sports and let them travel to another location to play.
    For 6.5 Million dollars they can ride all day long and buy their own bus(s)!
    This school board is not doing it’s job and it never has!
    Vote down this referendum!
    Give the school board some shovels and a couple loads of dirt and let them get a feel for what it’s like to work for a living and to save the taxpayers from having to do it AGAIN!

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