Public Health advises people voluntarily comply with social distancing, safety precautions

In the wake of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Safer-at-Home order, effective immediately, businesses can open and people can travel and gather in large groups. Walworth County’s Division of Public Health will not be issuing orders that replace Safer at Home at this time.

Walworth County released guidance on the county website for area businesses on how to implement protocols to protect their customers.

“We have faith in our business leaders and believe they will follow these guidelines and implement strategies to protect their customers and staff,” County Public Health Officer Erica Bergstrom stated in a press release.

The risks to the public from COVID-19 are ongoing and will extend beyond the next week or the next two weeks. As such, short-term public health orders are not likely to have a significant lasting impact. Any effective solution will be dependent upon individuals and businesses making personal decisions to proactively protect themselves, their guests, and their customers, according to the press release.

“Walworth County places great importance on the health and safety of the public. We have already seen businesses take extraordinary steps to continue to provide services while keeping their employees and members of the public safe,” the release stated.

“Novel Coronavirus 2019 is still circulating in the community, and we need all businesses, residents and visitors of Walworth County to actively participate in controlling the spread of disease,” Bergstrom said. “Even though the Safer at Home Order has been overturned, we strongly advise that everyone voluntarily comply with its key components: physical distancing, limited travel and gatherings, and frequent cleaning.” Walworth County will continue to perform communicable disease surveillance and prompt follow-up with confirmed cases and close contacts.

The Division of Public Health, Emergency Management, first responders and local government will continue to work together to keep people safe. Public Health advises everyone take the following steps to avoid getting sick or spreading COVID-19:

  • Frequent and thorough handwashing with soap and water, or hand sanitizer;
  • Stay home when sick, including even mild symptoms, and discuss your health with your primary medical care provider;
  • Practice physical distancing;
  • Cover coughs and sneezes; and
  • Avoid touching your face.

View the guidance document for businesses at



  1. Daniel says:

    I hope people use their heads in business and customers to the threat that continues. The Republican State Supreme Court and Republican Legislators I predict will have blood on their hands as I predict 100% increase in deaths in this county in a month.

  2. Gail Lyman says:

    If businesses are going to open why is it so difficult to require people to wear mask? It is a simple thing to do and will save lives!
    It just seems like such a simple thing to do to save lives!!

  3. Lori says:

    Things are going to come back full circle, for I believe the public will not proceed with caution. Have see with my own eyes people not protecting themselves let alone consideration for others. I guess the only way to protect yourself is to abide by the rules that were in place. May god have mercy on this situation we are all in.

  4. Dan says:

    I agree with Daniel up above, all the bars here in Pell Lake are opened, and they’re packed. This thing is far from over, but hey, it’s their lives, until they affect me. Greed, just pure greed, when you put money before even one persons life, watch the surge in the next week. Our supreme court had their heads up their butts when they just now created this conundrum. I won’t ever wish bad on anyone, but the people I saw going into these packed bars weren’t wearing masks and weren’t observing any social distancing. You better not cry wolf when you test positive in the near future!

  5. Daniel says:

    I read a article in the Chicago Tribune about Lake Geneva opening and saw pictures of people hugging drinking in bars like they are immune to the virus. They also mentioned that Illinois being one of the most infected states they are going to come and hit walworth co. hard. So sorry That the Head of Health in Walworth Co. is closing his eyes to whats happening.Saw out my window in Market Street park kids gathering together on playground and teens hanging close to each other,guess the parents never heard of the child virus hitting them now. Be Safe and continue to use wise judgement in your life

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