By Michael S. Hoey


Resident Andy Terpstra responded to recent comments made by Delavan-Darien School District Business Administrator Anthony Klein at last week’s school board meeting. On Jan. 27, Klein had responded to a letter to the editor Terpstra had previously submitted to the Enterprise.

In that letter, Terpstra was critical of the school district’s finances and lack of a comprehensive plan to replenish a depleted fund balance. He said the district was “flat broke.”

On Feb. 10, Terpstra stood by his numbers and said he and Klein were on very different pages when it came to the district’s finances. Terpstra’s biggest concern was that Klein was using “paper” numbers that were accurate but did not reflect real world realities. Terpstra said the world revolves around cash accounting, not projections about what the district will have in the future. Terpstra said what’s important is what the district has in hand to spend at any given moment and he does not believe relying on a line of credit is responsible.

Terpstra said Klein claimed in his remarks on Jan. 27 that Terpstra’s math was off in his letter to the editor. Terpstra said he was referring to budgets the previous three school boards approved. Klein said after the meeting he was referring to budgets that actually were used.

      Read more on the discussion from the Feb. 10 school board meeting in the Delavan Enterprise.


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