By Michael S. Hoey

Drivers on Highway 50 may have noticed a new structure being built just south of Highway 67. If it gains the approval of the Town of Delavan board, the structure will become a boat storage business.

The project began without that approval. Administrator John Olson said no permits have been issued and no approvals were given to Bob Allen to begin construction of the facility. Additionally, several residents of the Geneva West Estates subdivision, which borders the site, appeared at the Town Board meeting Dec. 17 to oppose the project as its planned.

Concerns about the project included its commencement without approvals or permits, stripping trees and topsoil, regrading in a way that has altered water run-off, the possibility storm water will run off into the subdivision after the project is complete, and the planned removal of a six-foot high berm and the 30-foot high mature trees that are on the berm that currently shield the subdivision homes from the property.

Attorney Dale Thorpe attended the meeting representing Allen and said beginning construction without a permit, which began around Thanksgiving, was a mistake and has stopped.

Read more about the boat storage project and other topics discussed at the meeting, in the Enterprise.


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