Water misted onto metal frames leads to dripping water and icicles that are snapped off, or “harvested,” to build the intricate ice castles. This year’s event will move from the city beach in downtown Lake Geneva to the golf course at Geneva National Resort. (File photo)

Geneva National to host winter event

Ice Castles is a seasonal entertainment company that creates elaborate castles built entirely from ice each winter in several cities across North America.

Professional ice artisans grow, harvest, and hand-place up to 10,000 icicles each day to create the breathtaking outdoor attraction. The experience features ice-carved tunnels, fountains, slides, crawl spaces, and slot canyons, which are all illuminated at night with color-changing LED lights embedded inside the ice.

Despite warm, rainy weather at the beginning of last winter and a painfully slow start, the Ice castles managed to draw thousands of people to Lake Geneva.

“That proved to us that the market is there,” said an Ice Castles spokesman. “But we wanted a location with a bit more room to build the castles and more parking.”

That prompted organizers to seek a permit to erect the attraction at Dunn Field, but opposition by the public and school officials killed that move.

Ice Castles recently released that they will return to the Lake Geneva area, but to Geneva National Golf Resort.

The site has the advantage of an easy-to-reach location on Highway 50, just east of Highway 67. There will also apparently be no problems with parking.

According to the release, construction will begin soon. Organizers hope to have the attraction open by Christmas and operate for six to eight weeks.



  1. Crystal says:

    Good morning
    Can you give me prices and times etc?
    Do you know if any hotels are giving package stays for your show?
    It sounds wonderful!
    I am not near lake Geneva but I can take a mini vacation!
    Thank you in advance
    Crystal Sorensen

  2. Margaret Allen says:

    How can I purchase tickets ? I am interested in buying tickets for a Xmas gift.

  3. Margaret Allen says:

    Tickets ? How much ?

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