By Michael S. Hoey


The Delavan Common Council approved two measures on Sept. 17 that will improve two recreational facilities – Delbrook Golf Course will get new barrier netting for its practice range and Fest Field is getting new LED lighting.

Delbrook manager Dan Piecha wrote in a summary that the Golf Commission has been discussing the need for the netting at the driving range for some time. He said adding the netting would allow the use of any club at the range and reduce the city’s liability should someone get hurt by an errant shot from the range.

McScot Golf visited Delbrook and submitted a plan that Piecha said provides sufficient containment of range shots at an economically viable cost of $98,980. For an additional $17,840, K. Rhoades will blend in an area by the current practice green to allow for easier picking of range balls and mowing. Sod will also be stripped under the netting and fabric and washed rock will be placed underneath extending a few feet on either side of the netting to protect the netting from ball pickers and mowers. Piecha said K. Rhoades has done numerous other projects at Delbrook and is always the low bidder.

Alderman Gary Stebnitz said the project will be funded by the $1.7 million donation made by the Nelson family last January.

Read more about the upgrades, and other items discussed at the meeting, in the Sept. 26 Delavan Enterprise.


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