Mike Ullstrup presents Lake Lawn Resort General Manager Dave Sekeres (on right) and the city with two awards won by his radio show. Alderman Ryan Schroeder (from the left) and Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis are also shown accepting the awards. (Mike Hoey photo)

By Michael S. Hoey


The City of Delavan was presented two awards won recently by the Brown-Ullstrup Performing Arts Foundation. Mike Ullstrup presented the awards to Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis, Alderman Ryan Schroeder, and Lake Lawn Resort General Manager Dave Sekeres on Aug. 20.

Schroeder introduced Ullstrup and provided background for the awards. Schroeder said the Brown-Ullstrup Performing Arts Foundation was awarded twice for a performance of “The Kane Shadow: Sayonara, My Friends”, performed at Lake Lawn on Oct. 6, 2018. Schroeder has a small part in the show.

The show received a first-place award from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association for “Best Significant Community Impact” and a silver division award from a national festival. The show told the story of Henry Tsuru, a Japanese American who was interned at a camp in Idaho as a result of President Franklin Roosevelt’s issuance of Executive Order 9066 following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

In 1943, Jay Reader, one of the owners of Lake Lawn Lodge at that time, sponsored Tsuru to come to Lake Lawn and become a pastry chef. Other Japanese Americans joined him there.

Read more about the awards and several other topics covered by the council in the latest issue of the Delavan Enterprise.


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