Sunset Park might no longer be a viable option for Elkhorn City Hall

By Kellen Olshefski

In a Committee of the Whole meeting last week the City of Elkhorn Common Council essentially eliminated the north end of Sunset Park as a viable location for the new City Hall after learning of storm water management requirements.

According to City Engineer Greg Calhoun, post-construction storm water management is something that would need to be considered in completely evaluating the Sunset Park site.

In a memo to Finance Director Jim Heilman, he said with the roughly 33,500 square foot (.77 acres) building being constructed on a 2.2 acre site, he is certain construction would disturb more than 1 acre of land during construction, which is the threshold for requiring post-construction storm water management according to both City ordinances and the Department of Natural Resources.

“I think any complete evaluation of that site should include the storm water assessment, or at least the cost of such improvements,” Calhoun said at the Aug. 26 meeting.

As such, he said an 8,700 square foot retention pond – .2 acres, or about 10 percent of the site – should be included in the planning process to meet City requirements…

Read the rest of the story in the Aug. 29 Elkhorn Independent.


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