Genoa City Police Chief Joseph Balog accepts a Purple Angel Award from Dementia Friendly Community Initiative President Bernadette Russow on June 24. (Submitted photo)

The Genoa City Police Department headed by Police Chief Joseph Balog on June 24 was added to the growing listings of first responders, churches and organizations earning the Purple Angel Award in Walworth County.

The Purple Angel is an international symbol that is recognized as a place where people with cognitive impairments can be safe and treated with respect and dignity.

“The majority of the Genoa City Police Department staff participated in the understanding of the symptoms or signs of dementia and positive communication techniques training,” Balog said. “The training was valuable to my staff as we provide frequent services to our senior population in our community.

“I personally learned a great deal during this training. I look forward to making this part of our yearly in-service training.”

One of the principal purposes for the Dementia Friendly Community Initiative Inc. is providing free training programs to those that provide services to those most likely to have first contacts with those having dementia or Alzheimer’s and their care givers such as churches, police, fire and EMTs.

The organization is also training businesses and groups to help those with dementia and Alzheimer’s to live as independently as possible.

A dementia friendly community is where individuals with dementia live good lives, continue to be part of their community, are met with understanding, and are given support where necessary. This enables those with dementia to safely find their way around the community, access local facilities that they are used to and are known and maintain their social networks as they continue to feel they belong.

The non-profit Dementia Friendly Community Initiative Inc. has open meetings on the second Thursday of the even months (August, October and December) at the Health & Human Services building, W4051 Highway NN, Elkhorn, at the East Entrance to ADRC offices.

For more information, call 262-320-7325.


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