Michael Fields Agricultural Institute was recently honored with the very first Good Earth Award at a special event hosted by the Good Earth Church of the Divine, an emerging church of the UCC denomination in Lake Geneva.

Executive Director David Andrews and senior researcher Dr. Carrie Young of Michael Fields Agricultural Institute accept the Good Earth Church of the Divine’s first “Good Earth” award recently.

The award, given by the Founding Council of the church, recognizes Michael Fields Agricultural Institute for being at the forefront of the sustainable agriculture industry for the past three decades.

Christopher and Martina Mann started the United States’ first biodynamic agricultural center at W2493 County Road ES in East Troy in 1984. The Europe natives invoked the biodynamic principles of Austrian philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

Today, the non-profit collaborates with expert and innovative farmers, university laboratories, elementary school classrooms and an international internship program.  Adult students from around the world come to MFAI to learn what role they can play in sustainable food production. Small children learn some of the same principles through the “Little Green Thumbs” school program.

“We understand that well-being isn’t just about the food we eat, it’s also about taking care of the soul and spiritual life, which is part of Steiner’s overall philosophy,” said David Andrews, Executive Director at Michael Fields upon accepting the award.

Andrews said he wants to make Michael Fields “a place where everyone in the community—not only farmers—can gather to openly explore ideas about making a difference and shaping not only agriculture, but the future of the world around us.”

He said he was happy to be recognized by one of Michael Field’s neighbors.

“Often the communities closest to an important initiative seem unaware of its mission, so I thank you very much for understanding and recognizing our work,” Andrews said.



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