By Tracy Ouellette

SLN Staff

Butch Rabay, one of the homeowners in Bielinski Home’s Lake Bluff subdivision in East Troy, asked the Village Board Monday night to have public hearings before Bielinski is allowed to develop the subdivision further.

Rabay said he has seen some action on the next phase recently, when he noticed core samples were being taken.

Rabay, who was vocal about the problems with the failed road in the subdivision, which wasn’t fixed until last year, said he didn’t thing Bielinski Homes had been “good neighbors” to the subdivision homeowners or the village.

“We went through five months of inconvenience in the subdivision to fix the roads,” Rabay said. “For five months we went through hell.”

Rabay said the subdivision was “a mess” and he has seen piles of dirt and concrete dumped in empty lots. He added he has personally spent time cleaning up construction debris, something he didn’t think was the responsibility of the other homeowners in the subdivision.

“Is this something I should have to do?” he asked the board.

Rabay said he understood there was a homeowners association agreement with the village and Bielinski, but was “shocked” to discover it didn’t really allow for Lake Bluff residents or the village to have “any real say” in further development.

“Bielinski Homes has not been a good citizen in East Troy,” Rabay said.

The Village Board didn’t respond to Rabay’s request because it was in the citizen participation portion of the meeting and not an agenda item up for discussion.

For more Village Board coverage, see this week’s edition of the East Troy Times/News.


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