A status conference is scheduled for March 21 for a Delavan man charged with pushing his girlfriend and taking her phone away when she tried to call police.

Nathan James Ledger, 23, pleaded not guilty Feb. 22 to felony intimidation of a victim, disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property, all with domestic abuse assessments.

According to the criminal complaint, Ledger’s 18-year-old girlfriend told police she and Ledger began arguing about a week before Feb. 3 about his drinking. On that occasion, the woman locked herself in the bedroom and Ledger kicked in the door and grabbed her, according to the complaint.

The woman said she tried to avoid Ledger for about a week, but, on Feb. 3, she came home around 9:30 p.m., found Ledger drinking and playing video games and got into an argument with him, according to the complaint. The woman said Ledger picked up a fan and threw it on the floor, causing it to break, the complaint states.

The woman said she was afraid of Ledger, so she called police, according to the complaint. She said Ledger then grabbed her by the wrist, tried to take her phone away, put his hands on her chest and pushed her on the bed, and then got the phone away and hung up, according to the complaint.

Ledger then left the home, and the woman called police, the complaint states.

Ledger was under bond conditions at the time on Racine County charges of retail theft and misdemeanor bail jumping.



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