Some dispute minutes while others say it’s a non-issue at this time

By Michael S. Hoey


The Town of Delavan Board may have recently discussed eliminating the Town Foreman position currently held by Mike Petkoff. However, if that’s the case, those discussions have taken place in closed session with no official motions or votes taken.

Public Works committee member Katherine Gaulke, who is also running for the board on April 2, contacted the Enterprise on Feb. 7 with concerns about the issue. According to Gaulke, Chairman Ryan Simons addressed the issue at the Public Works meeting on Feb. 6 when he shared with the rest of the committee that supervisors Larry Malsch, Kim Jedlicka, and Kevin Kiekhafer want to eliminate the position.

Administrator John Olson said the position is not currently open. He said Petkoff has not advised the board of any plans to retire or resign. Olson confirmed a member of the board raised the issue of eliminating the position but he did not name the board member. The board as a whole, Olson said, has not addressed the issue.

Petkoff referred all questions to his attorney Frank Lettenberger, who could not be contacted before press time.

According to the meeting minutes from Feb. 6, Simons asked the committee for feedback on the overall performance of the Public Works Department. Nothing but positive comments were made.

Read the rest of the story in the Feb. 21 Delavan Enterprise.


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