East Troy Middle School band and choir students get ready to participate in the annual Wisconsin School Music Association sanctioned Middle School District Solo and Ensemble Music Festival on Feb. 9. East Troy, Milton and Jefferson students performed vocal and instrumental solos, duets, trios, and small ensembles before an adjudicator at East Troy Middle School for chance to advance to the state competition.

East Troy sends jazz vocalist to state competition

East Troy Middle School student Randy Jacob will be competing in the state solo ensemble competition after receiving a Class A Excellent first-place rating plus star at Saturday’s Wisconsin School of Music Associations District Solo Ensemble Festival at the middle school.

More than 100 East Troy seventh- and eighth-grade band and choir students participated in 113 events at the annual festival with students from Jefferson and Milton middle schools.

East Troy students earned them a total of 164 first-place medals and 46 second-place medals. Band students, under the direction of John Rash, received 127 first place medals and 33 second place medals on their 90 events. Choir students, under the direction of Aimee Swanson, received 37 first place medals and 13 second place medals on their 23 events.

“The students represented East Troy very well with their outstanding performances, exceptional behavior and by supporting each other all day,” Rash said.

Additional East Troy Middle School students earning awards include:

Class B Excellent first-place solos

Flute: Angela Carrera, Danielle DePuydt, Emma Henningfeld, Jenna Voss

Clarinet: Megan Greenlees, Natalie Goetsch, Alyssa Schauer

Bass Clarinet: Claire Marcinkevic

Alto Sax: Carly Boers

French Horn: Teagan Borkowski

Trumpet: Sam Balge, Ben Graser, Gina Henningfeld, Sean Hartzheim, Samantha Holle, Ryan Meehan, Sylas Ohlen, William Sudbrink

Trombone: Kaden Fridley, Anita Gross, Jack Schmidt

Euphonium: Melissa Kuchenbecker, Aidan Miller

Tuba: Ben Sperle

Snare Drum: Xabier Bisabarros, Nick Cleveland

Vocal: Teagan Borkowski, Nick Cleveland, Randy Jacobs, Amelia Swenarski


Class B Very Good second-place solos

Flute: Taylor Cain, Alex Cook, Bailey Desing, Allie Kesselhon, Cailyn Ledin

Oboe: Gabby Smith

Clarinet: Rachel Graser

Alto Sax: Chesney Bankenbush, Randy Jacobs, Paige McLauchlin, Autumn Opgenorth

Trombone: Emilija Forrett

Drum Set: Nick Cleveland

Vocal: T.J. Betley

Class B Excellent first-place ensembles

Flute Duet: Taylor Cain and Jenna Voss

Alto Sax Trio: Carly Boers, Randy Jacobs, Paige McLauchlin

Trumpet Duet: Gina Henningfeld and Samantha Holle

Trumpet Trio: Ben Graser, Sean Hartzheim, Samantha Holle

Vocal Duet: Teagan Borkowski and Randy Jacobs

Class B Very Good second-place ensembles

Flute Duet: Emma Henningfeld and Allie Kesselhon

Flute Duet: Alex Cook and Danielle DePuydt

Flute/Clarinet Duet: Bailey Desing and Alyssa Schauer

Flute/Clarinet Duet: Taylor Cain and Eleanor LaFreniere

Clarinet Trio: Rachel Graser, Megan Greenlees, Natalie Goetsch

Class C Excellent first-place solos

Clarinet: Riley Fitch, Hope Graf, Eleanor LaFreniere

Bass Clarinet: Isabelle Lewis

French Horn: Marissa Cerny, Bridget Boll

Trumpet: Caden Alexander, Aidan Bayley, John Graf, Aaron Mueller, Dylan Politoski, Makayla Yamada

Trombone: Kyler Newkirk, Molly Pluess, Nicholas Strykalski

Euphonium: T.J. Betley, Leah Rummery, Isabel Williams

Tuba: Haelyn Houston

Snare Drum: Caleb Davidson, Breyden Middleton, Gavin Theys, Amelia Swenarski

Xylophone: Luke Graf

Piano: Jenna Voss

Vocal: Chesney Bankenbush, Kaden Fridley, Paige Huerta, Ally Olejniczak

Vocal Jazz: Kaden Fridley

Class C Very Good second-place solos

Clarinet: Justin Brehm, Ava Fisher, Kylie Schmidt

Trumpet: Ben Markham

Snare Drum: Joseph Widener

Vocal: Aniah Goodwin, Courtney Johnson

Class C Excellent first-place ensembles

Flute Choir: Taylor Cain, Angela Carrera, Alex Cook, Danielle DePuydt, Bailey Desing, Emma Henningfeld, Allie Kesselhon, Cailyn Ledin, Gabby Smith, Jenna Voss

Flute Trio: Taylor Cain, Danielle DePuydt, Jenna Voss

Flute/Clarinet Duet: Cailyn Ledin and Hope Graf

Clarinet Choir: Justin Brehm, Kyleigh Chipman, Ava Fisher, Riley Fitch, Karlee Friemoth, Natalie Goetsch, Hope Graf, Rachel Graser, Megan Greenlees, Eleanor LaFreniere, Isabelle Lewis, Claire Marcinkevic, Bryn Rehfeldt, Alyssa Schauer

Clarinet Duet: Riley Fitch and Eleanor LaFreniere

Clarinet Trio: Riley Fitch, Karlee Friemoth, Eleanor LaFreniere

Alto Sax Duet: Cadence Kroll and Autumn Opgenorth

Trombone/Euphonium Duet: Anita Gross and Isabel Williams

Brass Choir: Sam Balge, Aidan Bayley, Sean Hartzheim, Gina Henningfeld, Samantha Holle, Ryan Meehan, Aaron Mueller, Dylan Politoski, William Sudbrink, Caden Weerts, Bridgette Boll, Teagan Borkowski, Marissa Cerny, Kristen Henningfeld, Emilija Forrett, Kaden Fridley, Anita Gross, Kyler Newkirk, Molly Pluess, Jack Schmidt, Nick Strykalski, Melissa Kuchenbecker, Aidan Miller, Isabel Williams, Haelyn Houston, Ben Sperle

Vocal Duet: Izabella Barr and Amelia Swenarski

Vocal Duet: Dianne Healey and Layne Peters

Vocal Ensemble: Aniyah Dixon, McKenzie Miles, Ally Olenijczak, Symphony Stiger

Vocal Ensemble: Kaden Fridley, Gavin McLauchlin, Layne Peters, Connor Sherman, Gabe Vose

Vocal Ensemble: Katelyn Gilgenbach, Paige Huerta, Courtney Johnson, Abby Kepler, Amelia Swenarski, Teagan York

Vocal Ensemble: Kyleigh Chipman, Nick Cleveland, Emily Cox, Cristiann Edwards, Claire Marcinkevic, Alexa Westerdale

Class C Very Good second-place ensembles

Woodwind Trio: Taylor Cain, Gabby Smith, Riley Fitch

Vocal Duet: Cristiann Edwards and Kyleigh Chipman

Vocal Duet: Isabel Spinato and Maddy Rintleman

Barbershop Quintet: T.J. Betley, Nick Cleveland, Aaron Mueller, Chase Rodgers, William Sudbrink




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