The Whitewater High School’s Music Masters held the 23rd annual Madrigal dinner on Dec. 8. The players featured, front row from the left, Carter Waelchli, Jul (Savannah) Boss, Ella Willman, Alisha Parboteeah, Angie McKelvey, Nicole Sedmak and Cally Julson; and back row, Henry Bresser, Lauren Harkness, Aldo Rodriguez, Chris Porcaro, Colin Chenoweth, Alec Holt and Weston Lema. See more photos in the Dec. 27 Register. (Tom Ganser photo)

WHS shines in 23rd annual Madrigal performance

By Tom Ganser


On Dec. 8, Whitewater residents stepped into an English banquet hall filled with Renaissance music and songs for the 23rd annual Madrigal dinner.

The Whitewater Music Parents Association sponsors the holiday event, which was held in the Rochas Waterfront at the American Legion in Whitewater.

It showcased the talents of the Music Masters, an audition chamber ensemble under the direction of WHS chorus teacher Karen Tordera.

Members of the Music Masters include Jul (Savannah) Boss, Henry Bresser, Lauren Harkness, Alec Holt, Cally Julson, Weston Lema, Angie McKelvy, Alisha Parboteeah, Chris Poccaro, Nicole Sedmak, Carter Waelchli and Ella Willman.

Throughout the evening, songs for the entire ensemble were complemented with arrangements for duets, trios and quartets. Selections included several songs composed during the 1500s: “An Admonition” by Joseph Haydn, and just for the pure fun of it, “O Little Town of Hackensack” by P.D.Q. Bach, the fictitious composer invented by musical satirist Peter Schickele.

WHS musicians Colin Chenoweth, Jillian Harkness, Denver Isbell, Bailee Korf and Natalie LaBreche, with Aldo Rodriguez serving as the Crier, added even more sparkle to the performances.

The entertainment also featured an exciting tale created by the Music Masters into which several daring sword duels were woven.

See more Madrigal dinner coverage in the Dec. 27 Whitewater Register.


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