The City of Lake Geneva is conducting both a paper and online survey to gather community input on what residents would like to see done with the Riviera building.

This is an early step in the Riviera renovation project and the city is working with consulting experts from MSI General to gain insight from locals to make plans for this historic landmark.

“A renovated Riviera can be a huge boost to the life and health of Lake Geneva,” City of Lake Geneva Mayor Tom Hartz said. “It can bring us all back downtown to enjoy our lake, our local businesses, and see our neighbors.”

The Riviera Renovation Project Community Stakeholder paper surveys and drop boxes await residential feedback at the following locations: City Hall lobby, the Geneva Lake Museum, Simple Café and the Lake Geneva Library with more locations to come.

An online survey is also available until mid January at

For more information, contact City Administrator Dave Nord at 262-248-3673 or or visit


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  1. Gail Leicht says:

    “The Riviera” should be remodeled on the inside. New bathrooms. Make it to be
    used for weddings, reunions, small concerts, and handicapped accessible. Also,
    find an area where you can have decent parking. The parking meters are a plain
    nuisance for folks living and working in the area. I would like to also use the
    library, but with meteor parking I simply just go somewhere else.

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