By Michael S. Hoey


The planned Meijer store in the City of Delavan received its final approval on Dec. 4 from the Common Council. At a special meeting, the council approved several agreements with the company paving the way for the company to close on the property it intends on developing.

With two motions, the council approved a development agreement, a permanent sidewalk and multi-use path easement and agreement, a storm water management facilities maintenance agreement, a non-exclusive emergency driveway access easement agreement, an amendment to an earlier reciprocal easement and operation agreement, and an amendment to the development agreement. The motions passed unanimously.

Meijer received approval from the council for its preliminary plans to develop land at the southwest corner of the East Geneva Street/North Shore Drive intersection on Sept. 18.

The land is owned by NRB Land Development and is part of the former Geneva Lakes Kennel Club property. Mills Fleet Farm already occupies part of the development called Lakeside Centre.

Meijer plans to develop 28.5 acres and build a 159,000 square foot main store. There will also be a 3,400 square foot fuel center on the site.

The main building will have two main entrances labeled “Home” and “Fresh.” The Fresh entrance will lead to the grocery side of the store. There will also be an entrance to the garden center and a drive-through pharmacy.

City Administrator Denise Pieroni said the company needs no further approvals from the city and plans to close on the property this week.

Meijer has not committed to a start date for construction. Despite earlier projections that ground could be broken as early as the summer of 2019, Pieroni said the city is now anticipating construction may not begin until 2020 or later based on internal decision-making within Meijer.



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