The East Troy School District sent a letter home to parents last night identifying the substance found in a locker that caused the evacuation, and subsequent dismissal for the day, of East Troy High School Monday morning.

“We have now made an initial determination that the hazardous substance was a mixture of gasoline and Styrofoam, with additional analysis being done by the crime lab. We are unsure at this time when we will receive the lab’s report,” School District Administrator Chris Hibner stated in the letter.

Citing confidentially laws, the School District is not releasing the names of the students involved.

“In addition, we continue to investigate allegations that have been brought to our attention regarding potentially inappropriate behavior and conduct occurring in the boys’ locker room after school. Again, we cannot comment publicly about the students or specific discipline imposed, but we want parents to know we are investigating this issue,” Hibner added.

Classes at the high school were back in session Tuesday.


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